Mixology Monday – Equal Parts

So after a long hiatus Mixology Monday has returned. With a big thank you to Paul Clarke of Cocktail Chronicles for running it the past 6 years. Now the torch has been passed to Frederic Yarm of Cocktail Virgin Slut. The theme for this event, which is hosted by Frederic is as follows:

For this month, I have chosen the theme of equal part cocktails — those simple drinks where only one jigger is needed despite how many ingredients are added. These recipes have gained a lot of popularity as classics like the Negroni and Last Word have resurfaced, and variations of these equal part wonders have become abundant.

For me this is the holy grail of cocktails. We strive to create cocktails that are in perfect balance. But equal parts cocktails elevate that balance to another level.

One of my favorite cocktails that fits this criteria was the Fior di Sicily which I have written about previously. However, I wanted to offer something new for this months MxMo. After scouring around for a drink I stumbled upon the Calvados Sidecar on the Liquor.com website.

Calvados Sidecar
1 oz Calvados (Lairds 7 year Apple Brandy)
1 oz Cointreau
1 oz Lemon Juice
Combine equal parts cinnamon and sugar in a small saucer. Rub the rim of a cocktail glass with a lemon wedge and dip the top of the rim in the sugar mixture so that it is coated evenly. Place the glass into the freezer to let the rim harden. Combine all the ingredients in an iced cocktail shaker, shake, and strain into the prepared glass. Garnish with an orange twist.
Looking at the picture I realized that I forgot the orange twist. Oh well things happen. As I didn’t have any Calvados in my house I subbed it with Apple Brandy. The cinnamon and sugar rim is essential and marries well with the Apple brandy, reminding you of cold apple pie.

Irish Whiskey is the forgotten base spirit and while not as cantankerous and moody as it’s brother Scotch, it does not find its way into many cocktails. So what better way to celebrate Irish Whiskey than in an Equal Parts Cocktail. While it maybe cliche I wanted to combine it with Guinness. I came up with a recipe that I think works and is quite simple. Yet as I was sipping on it I thought that it would be a wonderful candidate for a topping of cocktail foam. Does anyone have any ideas for what flavor the foam should be? If so reply in the comment section below.

Every Dog Has It’s Day
.75 oz Irish Whiskey
.75 oz Guinness Syrup (infused with orange peel and vanilla bean)
.75 oz Lemon Juice
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
In the creation of the beer syrup I loosely followed the directions provided by http://spiritsandcocktails.wordpress.com/2007/10/02/molecular-mixology-v-kentucky-monk/. In a future post I will explain how I created my Guinness Syrup version.

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The Leatherneck and The Green Men

Leatherneck is slang for a U.S. marine Corp soldier. The term was derived from the high collar that both British and American marines wore in the late 1700’s.
The Leatherneck cocktail is an eclectic mix of ingredients. Not to often do you see whiskey paired with blue curaçao.
The Leatherneck
2oz blended whiskey
.75oz blue curaçao
.5oz fresh lime juice
shake in an iced cocktail shaker, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass
The first thing you notice about this drink is the striking color. The blended whiskey is a perfect choice here as it melds well with the flavors of the curaçao and lime. It plays a supporting role without being overwhelmed and lost in the mix.

On Dr. Bamboo’s website there is am similar cocktail called the The Green Man. It has essentially the same ingredients with the major change being the subbing out of the blended whiskey for an Irish Whiskey. Personally this cocktail does not taste quite as balanced as the The Leatherneck. The Irish Whiskey is completely dominated by the lemon and the curaçao. Given this lack of balance I decided to slightly tweak the recipe and came up with:

The Green Man #2
2oz Irish Whiskey
.75oz blue curaçao
.5oz lemon juice
half an egg white
combine all the ingredients and dry shake in a cocktail shaker for approx 10secs. Add ice and shake for approximately another 10secs then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
The Irish Whiskey makes it’s presence known without dominating the drink. The flavors meld well together and the egg white added a smooth mouthfeel to the drink