Afrohead Rum Review 

   Countless new spirits and liqueurs are released every year with varying degrees of success. One tactic that is often used to set a spirit apart is by using a distinct label. I am always on the look out for unique and new spirits. When visiting a new location I always scan the backbar, searching… Continue reading Afrohead Rum Review 

Bartender Interview: Brian Sassen of Repour Bar, Miami 

   Repour Bar is a laid backpack retreat in the middle of South Beach. Housed inside the Albion Hotel it features comfy couches and inventive cocktails. It’s the place to be to escape to escape from the glitz of Miami sit back grab a drink and listen to the soundtrack of life whether that’s the… Continue reading Bartender Interview: Brian Sassen of Repour Bar, Miami 

Electricity Vodka. Wait…What Flavor?

While craft cocktails and long lost spirits have seen a resurgence in recent times, flavored vodka continues to be the fastest growing niche in the spirits industry. Every other week there seems to be a new flavor to hit the market. Some flavors like Fruit Loops, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Swedish Fish, Whip Cream, and… Continue reading Electricity Vodka. Wait…What Flavor?