Avuá Cachaça Prata, Amburana, and Oak Review

Cachaça has had difficulty gaining a strong foothold in the U.S. In fact, it wasn’t until 2013 that cachaça was officially recognized in the U.S. as a distinct Brazilian spirit. Cachaça is made from fresh sugar cane juice and by law must be made in Brazil. Avuá Cachaça is single-sourced and pot distilled at a… Continue reading Avuá Cachaça Prata, Amburana, and Oak Review

Marmalade Sour

I saw this drink on Jamie Boudreau’s website. While he used 3 oz of cachaça in his drink i decided to reduce it to 2.5 oz. I felt that 3 oz was a little too much for my taste.  I also  added 2 drops of Fee’s Grapefruit bitters to bring out some of the grapefruit flavor… Continue reading Marmalade Sour