Dullboy Review – Jersey City

  Dullboy was opened in the beginning of this year by Den Hospitality (Adam Fulton, Kyle O’Brien, and Gavin Mosseley). They are the guys behind the Garret West (the bar hidden inside a Five Guys) and the Garret East (opened in the fall of this year). While out in Jersey City I realized that Dullboy had been… Continue reading   Dullboy Review – Jersey City

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal – Full Lineup Review 

   La Quintinye is made with a wide variety of plants and spices. Depending on the variety it ranges from 18 in the blanc to 28 in the rouge.  Each offering blends a selection of wines, including white wine and Pineau des Charentes, a fortified wine, blended of slightly fermented grape juice and Cognac).  La… Continue reading La Quintinye Vermouth Royal – Full Lineup Review 

Afrohead Rum Review 

   Countless new spirits and liqueurs are released every year with varying degrees of success. One tactic that is often used to set a spirit apart is by using a distinct label. I am always on the look out for unique and new spirits. When visiting a new location I always scan the backbar, searching… Continue reading Afrohead Rum Review 

Gamle Ode Aquavits Review

   Aquavit is a largely unknown spirit in the United States. Aquavit has been produced in Scandanvia for centuries. It is a neutral spirit usually distilled from grain and flavored with botanicals, the primary one being caraway. The majority of Aquavit sold in the U.S. remains unaged though there are some brands that can age… Continue reading Gamle Ode Aquavits Review

Amor y Amargo: A Bitters Tasting Room Review 

    Amor y Amargo has been around for five years and is a small bar in the drinking land of the lower east side. According to the NY Times: Amor y Amargo “was never meant to be a longstanding place,” Mr. DeRossi said. “It was meant to be a pop-up, but it was such a… Continue reading Amor y Amargo: A Bitters Tasting Room Review 

Book Review: Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s The Bar Book Elements of Cocktail Technique 

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is known to be the laziest (he’s said it several times himself) most efficient perfectionist bartender. He is one of the most influential bartenders and helped to revolutionize the bar industry by bringing barrel aged cocktails and bottled cocktails to the masses and reviving such dead drinks as the  Amaretto sour. In addition he manages the successful and three… Continue reading Book Review: Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s The Bar Book Elements of Cocktail Technique 

Seamstress Bar NYC Review 

    The Upper East Side (NYC) is not known for being a destination for craft cocktails like its downtown brother (Lower East Side). Seamstress NYC seeks to change all that. Seamstress is taking over the old JBird location in a joint effort from the Gilroy Partners (Josh Mazza, Francis Verrall, and Steve Laycock), Pam Wiznitzer… Continue reading Seamstress Bar NYC Review