Cocktail Overhaul: Prairie Fire

Shots! Shots! Shots! These are often the words that get the party started…and lead to countless bad decisions and lost memories. The trouble is that not all shots are created equal. Some go down as easy as pie while others burn and burn. The Prairie Fire shot is one of those dangerous shots, commonly constructed… Continue reading Cocktail Overhaul: Prairie Fire

Mixology Monday: Crass to Craft

After missing the last few Mixology Monday’s I am hoping to sneak this entry in under the wire. This months theme presented the perfect opportunity to enter. Here is the theme as written by Scott Diaz of Shake, Strain, Sip. “The evolution of the cocktail has been a wondrous, and sometimes, frightful journey. From its… Continue reading Mixology Monday: Crass to Craft

Cocktail Overhaul: Surfer on Acid

The Surfer on Acid is most often consumed in a shot and conjures up hilarious images of a surfer trying to stand up on his surfer board while tripping on drugs. The original concoction is an equal-parts mix of coconut flavored rum, Jagermeister, and pineapple juice—a simple mix of alcohol that trends toward the intense-and-sweet… Continue reading Cocktail Overhaul: Surfer on Acid

Interview with Justin Pike of the Tasting Kitchen

Today we chat with Justin Pike of the Tasting Kitchen. The Tasting Kitchen opened in 2009. What first drew you to become a bartender and ultimately create your own cocktails? I went to art school, graduated, then studied abroad in Italy. When I returned that summer, I stayed unemployed for as long as possible until… Continue reading Interview with Justin Pike of the Tasting Kitchen

Cocktail Overhaul: Lynchburg Lemonade


The Lynchburg Lemonade was the subject of a fierce legal battle between creator Tony Mason and the Jack Daniels distillery. Was it a drink worth fighting for? Not in its original form, I’d say. The classic Lynchburg Lemonade is equal parts Jack Daniels, triple sec, sour mix, 7-Up. The whiskey is buried under sour mix and sweet orange liqueur, plus the sweet soda on top. Read the rest of the article by clicking here.