The Best Frozen Mudslide Milkshake Variation

Some drinks are the results of happy accidents. I was looking to experiment with ice cream based drink but when I opened the freezer, there was none. However, I did have some Talenti Coconut Almond Chocolate Gelato. I knew this would go perfect as a mudslide. A traditional take on the mudslide is Vodka, Kahlua,… Continue reading The Best Frozen Mudslide Milkshake Variation

Young’s Double Chocolate Milkshake

Before any other frozen beverage such as the: slurpee or smoothie there was the milkshake. The earliest printed reference to the milkshake was in 1885, but the drink contained whiskey. Furthermore it was served as a health tonic as well as a delicious cold treat. Ivar “Pop” Coulson is often credited as the inventor of… Continue reading Young’s Double Chocolate Milkshake