Avuá Cachaça Prata, Amburana, and Oak Review

Cachaça has had difficulty gaining a strong foothold in the U.S. In fact, it wasn’t until 2013 that cachaça was officially recognized in the U.S. as a distinct Brazilian spirit. Cachaça is made from fresh sugar cane juice and by law must be made in Brazil. Avuá Cachaça is single-sourced and pot distilled at a 3-generation farm about 4 hours from Rio.

Avuá Cachaça Prata
Avuá Cachaça Prata is rested in steel tanks for six months and pours crystal clear. On the nose, it’s full of vegetal greenness, floral notes and fresh citrus (more lime then lemon) and a touch of sweet baked bread. It’s crisp and dry on the palate, with more fruit, fresh cut grass and spice notes and finishes with very little alcohol burn.

Avuá Cachaça Amburana
is aged in Amburana wood, found only in the forests of Latin America. The time spent in the wood casks does much to change the flavor. It’s a light straw color and has more warm and savory notes. On the nose there are hints of baking spices, honey, a touch of woodiness and a faint trace of vegetation. Despite the sweet smell it is surprisingly dry with more spice notes of nutmeg and allspice with an herbal finish.

Avuá Cachaça Oak
is aged for up to 2 years in French Oak, or carvalho, previously used to age white wine. This has notes of warm vanilla, cream, and brown sugar. Despite the sweet aroma this one also has a drier finish then is expected with additional baking spice notes and bitter tea notes.

I was not provided with full bottles of the Amburana or Oak to experiment with. I would suggest trying an Old Fashioned or an El Presidente Cocktail. Try subbing them for other brown spirits or rum in cocktails.


2 oz Cachaça
1 -2 barspoons of granulated sugar
2-3 lime wedges
In a rocks glass, gently muddle the lime wedges with sugar. Add cachaça and ice. Stir until the glass is chilled.

I came up with this 2nd drink while thinking about a cross between the Boukman Daiquiri and the White Negroni.

1oz Cachaça
1 oz Luxardo Bitter Bianco
.5 oz Dons Mix
.1 barspoon Rich Simple Syrup
Stir with ice and strain over one large ice cube. Express a grapefruit twist.

Review samples provided by representatives of Avuá Cachaça

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