Favorite Drinks of 2016

Here is the last post of 2016; my 9 favorite drinks of 2016 Latitude 29 is the only bar to feature 2 drinks and arguably my favorite drink of 2016 the Ponchartrain Pearl Diver. Also featured is the Aquadesiac a drink built for 2. Next is relative newcomer Rokc NYC which has some of the most instagramable drinks. This off the menu rum drink is served in a giant seashell. Nite cap made the list with the love child of eggnog and a new york sour. It sounds strange but is oh so good. Fairweather in San Diego comes in with a simple pina colada but with a float of Stroh which takes it too another level. Dante NYC satisfied my daiquiri craving with a salted lime daiquiri. The long anticipated Suffolk Arms from Giuseppe Gonzalez did not disappoint with a tequila and green chartreuse crushed ice drink. Pouring Ribbons still one of my fav bars in NYC jumped on the charcoal train and offered up with this raspberry flavored delight called the heart of darkness. Making the trek to Brooklyn the Grand Army Bar put a drink in a boot with banana liqueur, need i say more. 

Not pictured but receiving honorable mention is Polite Provisions with excellent hospitality and amazing drinks. 

See you all next year. Where should The Mix Lab go in 2017? Comment below


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