Dullboy Review – Jersey City

  Dullboy was opened in the beginning of this year by Den Hospitality (Adam Fulton, Kyle O’Brien, and Gavin Mosseley). They are the guys behind the Garret West (the bar hidden inside a Five Guys) and the Garret East (opened in the fall of this year). While out in Jersey City I realized that Dullboy had been on the list of bars that I had wanted to try so team Mix Lab checked it out. 


Dullboy has a literary theme with books and typewriters lining the walls. The venue is cozy and intimate with several tables as well as two booths in front of the bars windows. The crowd is an eclectic mix and definetly has a neighborhood vibe that is chill and laidback. 


Dullboy has a selection of food items including raw oysters, mac and cheese, fries, wings, and burgers.The fries were cooked and seasoned well and were a wonderful compliment to a night of drinking. The Thai honey and salt wings were cooked evenly but the meat lacked flavor. The sauce itself had a nice combination of sweet and salty but it was as if the sauce was just added at the end instead of marinating the chicken.  

We tried a couple of drinks from the menu (The Scout & The Magdalena). The Scout was good but nothing spectacular and the Magdalena tasted muddled. I then asked for the ultimate bartenders test, the daiquiri. This simple drink of rum, sugar, and lime allows for endless individual expression but with nowhere to hide a bartenders mistakes. It allows a bartender to display both skill and personality. I knew I was in trouble when he shook the drink lazily (a perfect representation of the level of service – see below)before pouring  it into a rocks glass with ice. First off it was not cold nor properly diluted and the welcome bite of the lime was barely present so the drink was overly sweet. A bar that claims to be a cocktail bar should be able to execute one of the most iconic cocktails flawlessly. Sadly thats not the case. 

There are times when service can make up for less than stellar drinks. Customer service is crucial to making your patrons feel at home and welcome. Unfortunately, Dullboy needs to give attention to this area. With a bar that seats only about 7 people it shouldn’t be that hard to get the attention of the bartender. Unfortunately you are left with an empty glass for way too long.

While it bills itself as a cocktail bar it falls short of the “bar”, set by many New York cocktail bars. Granted Jersey City is not Manhattan or Brooklyn   Everyone deserves to be able to get great drinks and taste rendentions of the classic, especially because of the cocktail revolution sweeping the nation. Dullboy needs to make sure that its bartenders are courteous and welcoming and can execute the classics to perfection before I could recommend it without reservation. 

364 Grove St
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 795-1628


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