Amor y Amargo: A Bitters Tasting Room Review 

 Amor y Amargo has been around for five years and is a small bar in the drinking land of the lower east side. According to the NY Times: Amor y Amargo “was never meant to be a longstanding place,” Mr. DeRossi said. “It was meant to be a pop-up, but it was such a hit that we decided to keep it going.”  With Sother Teague as the Bverage Director, who has an impressive resume including working as research chef on Alton Browns “Good Eats”, you can be sure you are in good hands. 

Amor y Amargo is a compact bar with about 10 seats and standing room for another 15-20. So if you really want to get the full experience I suggest you get there early and snag a stool. At about 7:30pm it begins to fill up quickly. The walls are lined with bitters and barware that can be purchased. So if you discover a brand of bitters or flavors that you like, you can purchase them before you head out the door. The only downside to the layout is the placement of the bathroom, which is in arms reach of the end of the bar, but given its small size its something that can’t be helped. 

With such an intimate space service remains attentive yet unobtrusive. They are more then willing to engage you in conversation on a variety of topics or content to leave you to your thoughts as you dwell on life’s greatest mysteries. If your curious about an Amaro or a bitter ask away and you will be amazed at their wealth of knowledge.


Sharpie Mustache

With no citrus in any of the drinks be prepared to step outside your comfort zone. If your in the mood to be alone with your thoughts, order the 8 Amaro Sazerac with a Green Chartreuse rinse, it’s dark, brooding, and contemplative. If your feeling rebellious  order the Sharpie Mustache which comes in a glass flask. Each sip takes you on an easy rise down memory lane and before you know it the troubles of the day have been washed away.  If you see a bottle on the back bar that catches your eye ask your bartender about it and they will be more than happy to explain its origins and they are well prepared to craft something to your taste and be blown away. For example try a rift on the Negroni with rum and amaro nonino that manages to be both boozy and refreshing.

There are limited food options for late night like deviled eggs but otherwise either plan to eat before or after your drinking session at Amor y Amargo. 

Amor y Amargo continues to offer stellar options in the lower east side and its something refreshingly different. With a huge range of amaros and bitters on hand there are a wealth of unique and tasty options waiting to be discovered. With Sother Teague behind the helm you will discover a new found appreciation for the bitter and stirred. Stay tuned for a collaboration ice cream with Luca and Bosco with Killepitsch, a berry herbal liquor. 

Amor y Amargo
443 East 6th St 
New York, NY 10009



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