Herbs and Rye (Las Vegas) Review

Hersb & Rye Las Vegas

Ahh, Las Vegas the adult playground. The city filled with cheap drinks, even cheaper liquor, and legal public drinking. I will always remember my first drink in Vegas, cheap well liquor mixed an in even cheaper slushy mix. If this was what I had to look forward to it would be a long week. There was no way I could choke down plastic bottle liquor for a whole week. Eventually we stumbled across a better slushy alcohol mix which would hold us over but we were still itching for a well made drink. Could a well make drink be found in this city of sin? There had to be.

Herbs and Rye is a restaurant/cocktail bar located about 3 miles off the strip depending on where you are staying. It was opened in 2009 by Nectaly Mendoza. Herbs and Rye has 2 happy hours: 5-8pm and 12-3am with most steaks half off. However unlike many places that include drinks none of the drinks on the menu are half off. They were each $10 with a few being $11.



The restaurant is much larger then it appears from the outside with a range of seating options. The interior is comprised of exposed brick, dark wood, and black tufted leather for the booths all bathed in the warm and flattering tones of candlelight. The booths are tufted black leather. The walls are either brick or a rich reddish wallpaper design. The lighting is low, warm, and moody without being completely dark. The only downside is that depending on where you are sitting in the restaurant when the door opens you can see light come streaming in to mess with the whole ambiance. I would install a black out curtain or a similar device in order to stop the light from entering the bar.
The menu is heavy and padded faux leather bound volume.

Our waitress was pleasant and took her time to explain the menu and the happy hour.
She was attentive and would check on us when our drinks were getting low to see if we would like another. The appetizers and main entrees came out in a reasonable amount of time and were well spaced.

The bread was hot and fresh out the oven which easily melted the whipped butter. It was a good start that set the table for the rest of the evening.
For appetizers we went with the Thai wings which were positively finger licking good. The sauce was the perfect combination of sweet and spicy and the wings had a delicate crunchy exterior with a succulent and warm interior. In addition we had the fillet sliders. It was 3 sliders served on fluffy buns with small slices of lettuce and tomato. They were well seasoned with enough flavor to compliment the meat without drowning it out.
For entrees, we had one of the flatbreads and a steak with a side of garlic mash. The flatbread was a good size with sausage, spinach, basil, and cheese. The sauce was sweet with a hint of spice that paired well with the sausage and didn’t overwhelm the other flavors. The steak was lightly seasoned and well cooked. It wasn’t the best steak we ever had but it held its own and at half off, you can’t beat it. The garlic mashed potatoes were very garlicky but not as creamy as we would have liked.

The drink menu is broken up into eras, ranging from the mid to late 1800s to the mid 1900s and then the present era. There is also a small 2 drink section for modern classics. In my opinion there could have been a better range of modern classics as we have a seen a recent rival. Some suggestions would be the Oaxacan Old Fashioned and the Chartreuse Swizzle, to just name a couple. We had a range of drinks from several areas on the menu. Each was well crafted and balanced. Our two favorites from the evening would have to be the Lions Tale (bourbon, lime, allspice) and the Widows Kiss (calvados, Benedictine, yellow chartreuse, and bitters). If I had one complaint with the drinks it would be with the ice content in the shaken drinks. In a couple of the drinks there was a layer of ice chard’s that were floating on top of the drink. While some ice chard’s can be expected and would not necessarily be a drinks deal breaker the amount that was in a couple of the drinks could have been. I would suggest that they double strain all their shaken drinks to remove some of the large ice chard layers.

Overall Opinion
If your tired of the strip and are in search of a well crafted drink then check this place out. If you go during happy hour, all the steaks except for one are half off. You can’t beat that. You wont find any original creations on the menu, but the drinks that we tried were well balanced and tasty. Its easy to get a drink in Las Vegas but hard to get a good one. If your still searching for one go here.

Herbs and Rye
3713 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102


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