Los Americanos in TriBeCa NYC Review

Photo credit: Oleg March

Los Americanos is a newly opened Latin restaurant/diner. They serve breakfast (coming soon), lunch, dinner, and late night (till 3:30am) so at anytime you can be sure to get some Latin fare. One of the interesting/great things is that Los Americanos is not confined to one country. rather you can find food and spirits from a range of Latin countries including, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and Cuba to name a few.

It makes great use of its relatively small space. There are 2 booths for couples that put you in the middle of the action and yet leave room for you to have an intimate conversation with your date. Against the windows are booths and chairs in which tables can be combined to accommodate larger groups. Despite the tables being somewhat close together there is enough room to get out without inconveniencing your neighbors and conversations cannot be easily over heard nor will it interrupt your own. In the back corner is a circular booth. Last but certainly not least is the bar which has ample seating and has service stations for 2 bartenders. The back bar is dominated by Latin spirits and is perfect for opening up the minds of New Yorkers to the other lesser known spirits.
Rumor has it that in the summer they will always have outside seating.

Great service at a restaurant starts with the first person you meet and its clear that at Los Americanos they value that as highly as their food and drinks.
We were initially greeted by Tommy, one of the owners, who kindly seated us and briefly explained the menu.
Our waitress for the evening, Santa I believe, was personable, funny, and informative. She made excellent recommendations. I really appreciate the fact that she pointed out some of her favorite items instead of the ubiquitos “everything is good.”

Food Menu

20130425-212826.jpgThe Arepa with shredded beef and plantain was good. The dough complemented the flavors of the beef and plantain.

20130425-210034.jpgThe Pescado a la Vercruzana was well cooked and moist. The red sauce was sweet and spicy and a hint of a fruit.

20130425-205914.jpgThe Lechon Horneado was served with yellow rice and beans and apple slaw. The apple slaw complemented the rich pork and was a nice palate cleanser when you wanted a break from the richness of the pork and the heaviness of the rice. The rice was seasoned well and almost had a hint of coconut which was a nice touch.

20130425-220835.jpgThe Chiles Rellenos was an interesting dish and not one I would have expected to like. Upon tasting though, the hint of spice from the pepper was well complimented by the cheese and the sauce was a perfect accent without being overwhelming.
The Churros were hot and fresh and the dulce de leche dipping sauce in addition to chocolate was a nice alternative touch.

If I had to make one complaint about the food, it would have to be with the fish. It was well cooked and the sauce was flavorful but it didn’t come with any sides. It would have been nice if it had come with a little rice or the apple salad. (Correction: the fish now comes rice)

Between us we tried several drinks that were on the menu. Here are just a few of the ones we tried. The Frida’s Flame combines the smokiness of mezcal with the sweetness of fresh strawberries.losamericanos.com

20130425-201942.jpg The Sabado Giganto with fennel infused Pisco has a wonderful nose and the taste to back it up.

20130425-202350.jpg The Spanish Stroll with sage syrup is earthy but light and refreshing, and the Purple Jaguar with creme Violette is sweet and serves as the perfect compliment to a hot summer day.20130425-202440.jpg

Drink Menu

Overall Opinion
Despite being only open 1 week and 2 days (when we visited), Los Americanos has laid a strong foundation for success. This is the place to explore Latin cuisine and spirits without having to eat the same ol’ tired and generic tacos and quesadilla’s. It showcases the wonderful range of flavors that “Los Americanos” has to offer.

Los Americanos
305 Church St
(between Walker and Lispenard)
New York, NY 10013


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