Pig Nose Scotch Review and the Pumpkin Cocktail


Pig Nose was launched in 1974. It was created by Richard Peterson of Scotland. It is a blended whisky made by blending Invergordon grain whiskies with Speyside, Islay, and Lowland malts. It is aged for a minimum of 5 years in first fill matured oak casks. The resulting whisky has a 40% malt content.

In the glass it is a clear sandy color.

On the nose there are aromas of toasted grains and dried dark fruits such as cherries and raisins along with a hint of peat and just enough sweetness.

Upon tasting it’s very smooth with notes of dry sherry, grains, and hints of toasted banana bread, along with a slight nutty character. There is also a trace smokey element that makes it’s present known during the drying finish.

All in it’s a solid blended whiskey that is silky smooth with enough weight to hold it’s own.

Review sample provided by representatives of the the Spencerfield Company


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