Nolet Gin Review and the Govind’s Garden Cocktail


The Nolet family has been distilling for over three centuries. The company was founded in 1691 by Jan Lucasse Nolet and has been in business ever since. Currently it is the oldest distillery in Holland and is most known in America for introducing Ketal One to the American market.

Nolet’s gin is a modern take on a gin, in which the juniper profile is downplayed and accentuates the fruity and floral botanicals. In fact the only 3 botanicals which are identified by the distiller are Turkish rose, peach, and raspberry.

Initially on the nose it’s as if you stepped into a sweet meadow of blooming flowers. This smells is quite powerful and overwhelms the other aromas. Then the sweet flavors of peach and raspberry take over followed by a faint trace of spice.

On the palate there are rich notes of raspberry and ripe stone fruit with a slight almost creamy texture. After the fruit fades faint traces of spicy juniper make it’s presence known to remind you that you are drinking gin and then finishes slightly dry.

It is a unique spirit. Those who like the strong piney scent of a classic gin will more likely have strong disdain for this drastic departure. In fact there is barely a trace of gin. While it veers drastically from the flavor profile of a London Dry Gin I still would recommend it as a nice addition to a well stocked bar as it is a great expression of the newer styles of gin that are being released.

Nolet’s Gin retails for approximately $50/750ml.

Review sample provided by representatives of Nolet’s Gin.

For a drink that makes great use of Nolets flavor profile check out this drink created by Daniel K. Nelson of Drink inc. The drink is made at 6:05 minutes into the video.

1 ½ oz Dry Gin (Nolet’s)
2 oz Pineapple juice
¾ oz Lime juice
¾ oz Lillet — French fortified wine
1 pinch of mint
3/4 oz Amaretto & Strawberry Liqueur
For the Strawberry Amaretto Liqueur
To prepare this blend 1/2 pint of strawberries with 1/2 pint of amaretto and pass through a sieve.
Combine all ingredients except the strawberry amaretto liqueur in a cocktail shaker, add ice, shake and strain into a Collins glass. Float the liqueur on top. Garnish with a mint sprig.



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