The Mix Lab’s Guide to: Strawberry Shrub

After coming across shrubs I had immediately placed it on the back burner. Vinegar did not jump out at me as something that I wished to add to my homemade ingredient repertoire. It was one of those ingredients which I thought I would never attempt myself, that is until…

I came across this wonderful version of a strawberry shrub on the Imbibe website. The recipe sounded exceptionally good with the addition of port, cloves, and aged sherry vinegar. The only difference between the one found here and on the Imbibe site is that my shrub is cold processed.

How to Make Strawberry Shrub


Slice 20 fresh strawberries, place them in a glass bowl and mix in 2 cloves and 3/4 cup cane sugar.

Cover and refrigerate for 36 hours.

Strain off the strawberry solids and any excess sugar that may be remaining in the bowl. Add 6 oz aged sherry vinegar (Columela Solera 30) and whisk together making sure all the sugar is incorporated. Add .75 oz Ruby Port, 1 oz of Vodka, bottle and store in refrigerator.

I would have never thought that the combination of fruit and vinegar would be so pleasant and delicious. The sweet fruit and tangy acid envelops your mouth; It awakens your senses. This recipe can be used as the basis for experimenting with other fruit shrubs. Try it with mangoes, raspberries, pineapples, pluots, or your favorite fruit. Stay tuned for the Strawberry Shrub Swizzle with Rum and Ginger Beer.


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