Coole Swan Review and the Snow Blind Russian


Picture Above Copyright of Coole Swan

Coole swan begins its life as fresh Irish cream. The cream is combined with the other ingredients within 2 hours of arriving from the dairy. Real Belgian chocolate is melted down and incorporated into the cream. No engineered chocolate flavorings are used thus helping maintain its rich and natural tasting chocolate flavor.

From here the creamy chocolatey blend is combined with Cocoa and Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla. This wonderful creamy mix is then completed with a Single Malt Irish whiskey which adds a layer of malted complexity.

The Coole Swan pours thick and silky. In contrast to other Irish Creams, Coole Swan, is a natural white creamy color with just a faint trace of tannish hue, more than likely due to the fresh chocolate and cocoa that is used in its production.

On the nose, Coole Swan does not have an overwhelming smell. It is soft an subtle and does not initially reach out and grab you. There are light notes of fresh cream with a faint whiff of cocoa and vanilla. This mild nose does not prepare you for the delight that is in store.

The taste is of fresh cream, delicious chocolate, bittersweet cocoa and the delicate touch of vanilla. The whiskey is not hidden and it does not burn, but rather induces a pleasant warming sensation.
This is quite simply the best Irish Cream on the market in my opinion. No matter what your normal Irish Cream of choice is, give this a shot. In the comments below, let me know how you think it compares to the other Irish Creams available.

This drink is a combination of the Blind Russian and the White Russian.
Snow Blind Russian
1.5oz Vodka (Stoli)
.5 oz Coffee Liqueur (Stirrings Espresso)
.75 oz Irish Cream (Coole Swan)
.25 oz Half n Half
1 Dash of Chocolate Bitters (Bitter Truth Xocolatl Mole)
Build the vodka, Coffee Liqueur, and bitters into the bottom of an ice filled low ball glass. Give these 2 ingredients a quick stir to incorporate them. Float the Irish Cream and half and half on top. Stir to incorporate. Add a couple more cubes of fresh ice on top.
Sweet creamy chocolate. The Coole Swan adds nuances to a simple and classic drink


2 thoughts on “Coole Swan Review and the Snow Blind Russian

  1. I agree that Coole Swan is a delight. If you want a real treat layer the Coole Swan over an Amaretto in a small port glass. Something magical happens when the Amaretto and Whiskey combine is a delightful cream base. I’ve no idea what this drink should be called… maybe the Irish Italian?

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